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The Art of Life

Those who have the courage to be vulnerable share their creations with the World are to be commended as it took me almost a decade for our initial launch, and the reboot has taken almost 5 years. That may seem to be a negative, but as Friend from Toronto says, "l learned working with the negatives could make for better pictures." That said, I wouldn't trade this journey with anyone else's. Life can make one a student at the schools of grace, kindness, and humility if we choose to grow. Because I consider myself a lifelong scholar, I've been Blessed with meeting and learning from some of the most interesting, and accomplished People in society. Oftentimes it's not those who command the spotlight that are making the greatest contributions to our World. That's also what makes House of Drew unique in it's "Raze Hell" campaign. The areas that we attack are areas that have affected us closely, and we have a vested interest it seeing them eradicated. I chose to use the vehicle of Fashion to express my creativity, starting with one of the most cherished, powerful, and sometimes overlooked articles of clothing in our wardrobes, the T-Shirt. Each design incorporates my life experiences, from places I've visited to impactful conversations I've had, so each design is a a part of me being shared with my Friends. to being a successful Technology Executive with Wall Street experience. His journey becomes more interesting when it's revealed that his success didn't come from matriculation at one of America's finest institutions, but through his life's journey. This "canvas" serves as the backdrop for his experiences he calls the "Art of Life."